Mobility at the Movies: 3 Films that Predicted the Future - and Got It Right

Contributor: Robbie Westacott
Posted: 01/28/2014
Mobility at the Movies: 3 Films that Predicted the Future - and Got It Right

The genre of science fiction lends itself extremely well to cinema, with some of the greatest films in history depicting their director's vision of a futuristic world which appears far beyond the reach of the audience's imagination.

Over the years, filmmakers have grown more ambitious in their use of special effects to portray a fictional world, in which society has evolved to a level of sophistication and advanced technological abilities.

Some films are notorious for their unrealistic and far-fetched dystopian settings. However, others have unwittingly predicted the use of technologies which are now becoming common in everyday life.

2001 A Space Odyssey, 1968 (Tablets, Siri & Video Calls)

Widely considered one of the best films of its generation, Stanley Kubrick's visual masterpiece contains some very abstract ideas about space travel and evolution. However, amongst the confusing imagery and slow-moving narrative, there are glimpses of technologies which have recently become ubiquitous among consumers and the general public. Video calls are now extremely common, as is the use of tablets, which bear a strong resemblance to devices briefly shown in the film. Furthermore, Apple's interactive voice-recognition app Siri is certainly an example of taking a step in the right direction of the infamous AI-powered computer HAL 9000.

Total Recall, 1990 (Self-Driving Cars & Full-Body Scanners)

Autonomous cars similar to those featured in this Schwarzenegger film are currently being developed, most notably by Google, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, and have already been successfully tested in a number of regions. Self-driving cars are designed to reduce congestion and accidents, reduce insurance costs and traffic police, and also allow passengers to travel alone in cars regardless of age or disability. Additionally, Total Recall features full-body security scanners which clearly resemble the intrusive airport security systems which are being introduced across the UK.

Minority Report, 2002 (Touch Interface, Personalised Advertising & Retina Scanning)

Being the most recently made film on this list, it is little surprise that Minority Report accurately predicted a number of trends in technology which are now emerging as genuine aspects of modern life. From the giant touchscreen functionality which Tom Cruise uses on his computer, to the advertising which targets people specifically based on their individual interests, Minority Report conjured up realistic technology which is already being integrated into basic consumer products and services.

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Contributor: Robbie Westacott

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