Must-Have Mobile Apps to Boost Business Productivity

Mobile Applications were revealed to be the top investment priority for Enterprise Mobility practitioners in 2013. They provide the capabilities which make mobile technology, such as smartphones and other devices, so powerful and so valuable.

Apps implemented by organisations for general functionality, across all aspects of Enterprise Mobility, are now a crucial component of business.

The adoption of apps, on the most basic level, can make employees more productive and provide on-demand access to important information from virtually any location. However, the vast possibilities which have resulted from staggering advancements in current technology have directly correlated with the range of use for mobile applications, as well the growth in the market.

Recent research by Gartner suggests that by 2017, apps will be downloaded more than 268 billion times and generate more than $77 billion in revenue, as organisations look to embrace applications which can facilitate more forward-thinking mobile solutions.

Here we've identified a number of apps which can help boost employee efficiency and improve business processes:

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