Next-Generation HTML5 Development Tools for Enterprise Applications

Magic Software Enterprises Ltd., a leading provider of software platforms for enterprise mobility, cloud applications, and business integration, has announced the launch of a next-generation Magic AppBuilder HTML5 development tool.

AppBuilderHTML5 allows AppBuilder's enterprise customers to easily turn their large-scale client /server business applications into fully functional browser-based apps.

AppBuilderHTML5 lets AppBuilder customers leverage industry-standard, cutting edge technologies such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, to bring existing client/server applications and core business applications to new browser-based channels.

AppBuilderHTML5 is an easy to use and productive turn-key solution, which follows AppBuilder's traditional business-centric and repository-based development model, and write-once-run-everywhere paradigm.

"AppBuilder is the development tool of choice of many of the world's largest banking, government and insurance organisations who use it to create many of the world's largest enterprise applications," said Arik Kilman, CEO, AppBuilder Solutions. "This eagerly-awaited technology enables our customers to modernise and enhance their core business applications by utilising the newest technologies in the market today. AppBuilderHTML5 is the first of more new products being developed as part of our roadmap to provide our customers with new capabilities and maintain our position as a leader in the enterprise application development market."

AppBuilder Solutions provides a comprehensive application development infrastructure that enables development teams to build, deploy, and maintain large-scale, custom-built business applications quickly and easily.