A Platform-Agnostic Approach to Developing Mobile Apps that Leverage and Extend Existing Enterprise Systems

Tuesday, January 27, 2015.

Darwino, Inc. yesterday announced Darwino, a new Enterprise Mobility platform which enables the creation of social mobile business applications, with full offline capabilities, that leverage and extend existing enterprise systems.

One of the biggest mobility-related challenges for businesses currently is dealing with enormous existing investments in enterprise infrastructures and systems, which are not built to embrace the latest technology trends, or are unable to fully harness the opportunities which they present. Darwino is a new platform-agnostic approach to overcoming this problem, by allowing new systems to be built and quickly adapt to existing technologies.

Darwino will provide enterprises with a full stack of data and business process connectivity tools, allowing developers to build social mobile applications deployable to any mobile device or web browser. The solution works off the DarwinoDB portable JSON store, which allows for universal secure access to existing enterprise data sources and existing business processes, while respecting the security configurations of external systems.

This foundation is a fully features NoSQL database engine which facilitates the embedding of social data on to any business data object. As a result, DarwinoDB provides a robust, secure and encrypted data replication service that respects the data access security of existing systems. Apps can then consequently continue to run legacy business processes even when offline.

In addition to DarwinoDB, the Darwino platform provides developers with all of the tools they need to build social apps quickly, without the need to focus on the low-level technical details of mobile and social application development.

"When building Darwino our focus was business-first, meaning provide a platform that addresses the technical and economic challenges of cloud-enabled social and mobile enterprise software solutions," revealed John Tripp of Darwino.

"What we have designed and built is the first full-stack Enterprise Mobility platform that is platform-agnostic. Regardless of the enterprise technology stack, regardless of the mobile device, Darwino allows developers to focus more on the business problem, and less on the technical details of mobile and social development."

Darwino has been tipped to help solve some of the biggest problems that today’s mobile developers face. By abstracting the issues of data connectivity, mobile UI design, social feature management and integration with existing enterprise systems, it allows developers to build new applications to leverage existing enterprise platforms, without the need for mobile platform-specific coding, saving significant investment.