Pokemon Slow: Gaming App Clogging Corporate Networks, Data Shows

It looks like a good portion of Pokemon GO players are trying to “catch them all” while using their corporate networks.

According to recently gathered data, approximately six percent of all devices and 15-percent of all users have accessed the Pokemon GO application from their corporate networks since the game was launched earlier this summer.

The data, gathered by Nyansa, showed Pokemon GO experienced three times the number of retransmissions than Microsoft Office 365 traffic, showing that gamers were activating the app from numerous devices on the same network.

"Though network traffic from apps like Pokémon GO consume only a small fraction of today's corporate computer networks, the implications of this sort of trend are profound. IT staff are simply not able or equipped to adequately deal with the pace of technology changes they are seeing from more sophisticated users, devices and applications that all require some sort of reliable network connectivity,” said data scientist Clement Renault in a statement.

Pokemon GO reached 45 million users in its first two weeks of deployment, the statement said.

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