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Contributor: IQPC Editorial Team
Posted: 04/04/2016

We’re a couple of days into April now, which, for many of you, means that the storm’s passed and your company’s quarterly-closing tasks have come to an end. It's also a perfect time for us to share the content that’s most resonated with you over the last three months.

Here’s the Top 5. And make sure to click on the article titles if any pique your interest.

Mobile Applications: What’s next for Enterprises? 

Now widely seen as an imperative part of true enterprise mobility success, mobile applications, as an area of company focus, are overtaking the initial wave of BYOD – and attracting considerable investment in the process.

In this report we looked at the best strategies to develop effective mobile applications, despite the lack of consensus surrounding methods for development, preferences for deployment and obtaining levels of adoption.

Looking Ahead to 2016: The Enterprise Mobility Exchange Analyst Insight Report 

At the start of the year, this analyst insight report looked at the key opportunities and requirements for mobility leaders and what they need to overcome to make 2016 a success.

It examined how mobile applications represent the epi-center of digital transformation and that for companies to make the most of the profitability they can bring, they must provide access beyond company emails and invest in new technologies accordingly.

Mobility Tech 2020: Mobile First – the Trends and Challenges Driving the Industry

In this report we looked at the trends likely to affect companies leading to 2020. The report acts as an informed platform to leverage the available opportunities within your own enterprise and to make mobile first a reality.

Global State Of Enterprise Mobility 2016 

This research initiative, in keeping with past two years, found that mobile applications are still the dominant solution within the market.

It looked at how despite there being difficulties adapting dated legacy systems and convincing senior decision makers to embrace the changes mobility introduces to an organisation, there was a notable increase in budgetary allocations for mobile solutions, as well as in the average deal sizes for solution providers, compared to 2015.

Mobile App Usage: What to Measure and Why It Matters 

This article by Ranjeet Vidwans,VP,  Marketing at Mocana, discussed the importance of having a range of data to make good decisions. He stated that there are five critical mobile attributes that should be captured and measured to develop effective metrics.

Follow the link to find out what they are.

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IQPC Editorial Team
Contributor: IQPC Editorial Team

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