Samsung Further Demonstrates the Importance of Mobile Technology in Healthcare

An announcement today revealed that Samsung Business Services will deliver technology and services alongside eCaring, Inc., a provider of real-time home healthcare management and monitoring systems, for seniors and people with chronic conditions.

This is set to enable healthcare providers to reduce costs whilst improving the quality of patient care, using eCaring’s care and disease management solutions along with Samsung’s advanced tablet technology and enterprise services.

The partnership will aim to streamline delivery of innovative care and disease management support with mobility solutions, designed specifically for Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets, and could expand to include other Samsung devices.

Samsung Business Services will offer both IT support for its devices as well as configure, kit and ship devices to eCaring's clients. This will help ensure timely and quality service to eCaring clients which include large healthcare plans, hospitals, health systems and managed care.

Additionally, eCaring's home data entry software will be optimised for Samsung mobile devices to give users a familiar and simple solution to streamline healthcare data management.

eCaring's proprietary icon-based language enables home aides, care-givers and independent patients, regardless of their computer skills or language literacy, to track and report unstructured data about the patient's health and wellness. Patient health information will now be entered using familiar mobile technology and devices that allow data to be filtered for use by care managers and providers, hospitals and health plans.

"eCaring keeps people out of the hospital by transforming essential behavioral, clinical and medication adherence data into real-time actionable information, generating significant savings and return on investment," said Robert M. Herzog, Founder and CEO of eCaring. "Our partnership with Samsung Business Services provides access to new applications and hardware that will enable us to more efficiently deliver our services and rapidly scale up our deployments with major customers, to ultimately improve the health of patients."