Secure, Govern and Manage Data to Enable Better Cloud Services in the Enterprise

Safe-T, a provider of data security solutions for industries such as financial services, healthcare and manufacturing, announced today the release of its Safe-T Box 6.0 solution.

This new security release will feature the Secure Cloud Access Broker, which will secure, govern and monitor data in the cloud to prevent leakage, ensure compliance with industry regulations and enable enterprise users to offer cloud services to their customers.

With the addition of the Secure Cloud Access Broker, Safe-T Box will deliver a unified Secure Data Exchange Broker solution with one simple user interface, designed to consolidate secure email, file transfers, mobile communications, and cloud data protection all in a single on premise solution.

Although cloud services are becoming very common, so are the concerns about data loss and leakage, and Safe-T will aim to address that issue within the enterprise environment.

Safe-T Box 6.0's Secure Cloud Access Broker will track all cloud file transfer activities, provide automated security policy enforcement on all cloud exchanged traffic, and encrypt shared files with password access.

Integrating with leading consumer cloud storage and SaaS solutions, the Secure Cloud Access Broker will comply with a variety of important healthcare and financial regulations including HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FISMA, and GLBA.

The Secure Cloud Access Broker will feature an extra level of protection, through data leak prevention (DLP) before data leaves premises rather than in the cloud, by scanning downloaded files using anti-virus solutions, and by preventing automatic data synchronisation to and from the cloud to minimise attacks.

"We chose Safe-T Box as our secure data exchange solution, since we were able to utilise it for multiple needs, such as secure email and secure collaboration," said Dor Laniado, ECI Chief Information Security Officer at ECI Telecom. "As part of ECI Telecom's cloud strategy, we plan on using Safe-T Box for secure cloud access."