Text Message Marketing Specialist Releases Software Upgrade for Users

Monday, January 26, 2015.

A newly released version of the Ultra SMS Script marketing software features 10 upgrades which can provide users added flexibility and reach when contacting interested subscribers through text messaging.

The SMS marketing company responsible for Ultra SMS Script has announced a new version of the software. This updated version will deliver 10 new features that are aimed at providing users a better experience and more options when it comes to contacting interested individuals through text message marketing.

"We're very excited to announce 10 new upgrades added to the advanced Ultra SMS Script," said the company's spokesperson. "These new updates will provide even more flexibility and power to give users maximum SMS marketing impact at minimal cost."

According to the spokesperson, many of the upgrades interestingly came from feedback and requests from current users, like the addition of the Nexmo SMS gateway, which allows users to choose either Twilio or Nexmo as their SMS gateway.

Another improtant upgrade to Ultra SMS Script is the addition of MMS capability, allowing users to take advantage of the media available on many mobile devices. MMS delivers the best of email and urgency of SMS to a user's customers, improving conversion rates with details that cannot be effectively conveyed in just 160 characters, said the company spokesperson.

The software also has the ability to add more numbers to a user account, which can be useful for users who have a large database of opt-in contacts.

"Ultra SMS Script is the crucial piece to your text message marketing campaign," said the company's spokesperson. "Whether you're looking to launch an SMS service or you're part of a marketing agency that oversees your clients' marketing campaigns, Ultra SMS Script is essential."

According to the software-maker's website, Ultra SMS Script is a superior product because it’s self-hosted platform, which provides the user with complete control over their mobile marketing initiatives. Additionally, because users own and host the platform, there are no expensive monthly credit packages which could come with other providers.