The Apple Watch in the Enterprise: 5 Apps for Business Users

The Apple Watch has been making enormous waves in the market for mobile technology since it was first announced by CEO Tim Cook towards the end of 2014.

The exciting wearable device became available for pre-order earlier this month, and Apple has since received over 2.3million orders, many of which won't be shipping until June or later due to the immense demand.

Although primarily seen as a consumer product, there are of course many opportunities for enterprise innovation which can be explored with wearable devices such as the Apple Watch. There have already been a large number of mobile apps developed in anticipation of the device, many of which are suitable tools to enable productivity and collaboration in the workplace.

Here, we've collected five examples of mobile apps for the Apple Watch which business users should look out for, to take advantage of a range of use cases in the context of a wearable device:


MicrosStrategy has announced that its MicroStrategy Usher app will be available on the Apple Watch, allowing enterprises to harness the wearable device as a secure digital key for access to enterprise business systems, devices, identity profiles and physical entryways.

This security-focused app will have a broad range of use cases based on the features of the watch such as gestures, touch capabilities and push notifications related to business systems and hardware that users may need to interact with.


BetterWorks will be available on the Apple Watch to allow busy employees and professional users to keep their workload organised and remain up-to-date with progress on tasks. The app helps teams, managers and employees track and, as a result, achieve important goals.

The device allows assignments to be programmed into the app where approved users can all view the status, progress and efforts of the entire team, as well as message each other in relation to the tasks, to stimulate collaboration, teamwork and efficiency.


Using Invoice2Go on the Apple Watch will allow users to keep highly accurate records of time and work, and log these for added convenience in invoicing processes.

Invoice2Go uses geo-fencing technology for arrival and departure from job sites, and enables users to send invoices and receive alerts as soon as they have been paid. The service will help workers remain in tune with their professional finances easily from the wearable device.


An interesting app for nurturing team-building in the workplace, CommitTo3 will allow users to build and maintain momentum with projects, and collaborate with colleagues on tasks through the Apple Watch.

As suggested by the name, the app focuses on three items within a professional team's workload and prompts all users to commit to completing them by the end of that day, whilst facilitating progress updates, reminders and collaborative features to help guide completion.


Salesforce will provide powerful tools to enterprise users of the Apple Watch and even allow organisations to develop custom native apps themselves for the wearable device.

The Analytics Cloud app will deliver the ability to access, analyse and take action on relevant data for a variety of purposes.

Additionally, Salesforce1 for Apple Watch will provide notifications to users based on the achievement of goals, successful sales, when certain actions need to be taken, and other work-related situations that may arise for employees.