Top 10 from January: Enterprise Mobility Month in Review

The first month of 2014 has been a busy one; the growing presence of Enterprise Mobility evolving in ways which are challenging the imagination, and exceeding the expectations, of experts and evangelists everywhere.

These developments in technology are not only accelerating at an alarming rate, but are extending their reach beyond the conventionally mobilised markets and areas of business. The possibilities for mobile enterprises are endless, and the trends which have presented themselves throughout this month only support this forecast.

Weã??re revisiting the top 10 pieces of content from January to reflect on a promising and exciting start to the year; listed below is our month in review.

1. Developing a Winning Mobile Strategy: Playing Offense vs Defense

This whitepaper from Mobiquity focuses on the best ways to devise an intelligent and effective mobile strategy for your enterprise, as well as highlighting the benefits of doing so.

2. The Future is mCommerce

Watch this short animated video to discover why mCommerce is becoming a crucial component of modern business, and learn how to maximise its potential to get results for your brand!

3. Examining the Key Mobility Solution Investments in 2013

We decided to observe the most common areas of investment over 2013 between mobile practitioners, analysts and solution providers, with the intention of understanding the reasoning behind such investments.

4. The Rise of Geolocation Services: Enterprise Mobility on the Move

Despite potential security risks, such as data theft and identity fraud, it is likely that location-based mobile services will receive a significant amount of attention when incorporating cutting-edge technology into future solutions and devices.

5. Global State of Enterprise Mobility Infographic

Be sure to have a look at this exclusive infographic, to view a visual representation of the most significant and stimulating information derived from the global survey we conducted towards the end of last year.

6. Mobility Taking Marketing to the Next Level of Engagement

This article focuses on the enormous opportunity for marketing professionals to capitalise on how accessible consumers can be, through their mobile devices, thanks to online channels such as social media and mCommerce.

7. Top Twitter Users in Enterprise Mobility You May Have Missed

With the hundreds of millions of Twitter members worldwide, and the billions of tweets which go out every year, it can be difficult to know which people are worth paying attention to. Consequently, weã??ve compiled a list of 10 Twitter users within the field of Enterprise Mobility who are particularly interesting to follow.

8. Is Big Data a Reality or Just a Concept?

Watch this in-depth panel discussion from the CMO Exchange 2013, which focuses on the concept of Big Data, and explores the ways in which it can be leveraged to benefit different types of organisations.

9. Enterprise Mobility Budgets and Return on Investment

In this article, we cover the prospective budget spends of those who are planning to invest in mobile solutions over the next 12-18 months, based on feedback from over 150 Enterprise Mobility professionals contributed information to our recent report.

10. Business Values, Priorities and Innovation in Enterprise Mobility

Watch this video interview with Chip Tabor, Senior Mobility Director, PepsiCo, at a past Enterprise Mobility Exchange event to find out about the origins of his business values, and learning how to be successful.

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