Top 10 from July and August: Enterprise Mobility Month in Review

Contributor: Robbie Westacott
Posted: 09/08/2014
Top 10 from July and August: Enterprise Mobility Month in Review

After a busy summer for Enterprise Mobility professionals, we're looking back on the top 10 posts across an exciting July and August, revisiting the best interviews, articles, eBooks and infographics from the Exchange over the past two months - certainly not to be missed. Listed below is our month in review.

1. Field Operations: Ease Your Pain, Expand Your Gain

This live stream webinar will be taking place on Wednesday 1 October at 11am EST, with attendees learning first-hand how operations can be streamlined for more efficient mobile resource management through advanced mapping technology and the use of big data. Presented by Wolfgang Hall, Logistics and Supply Chain Global Industry Manager for Esri, the webinar will demonstrate how to establish a common operating platform for planning, dispatch and analysis, business optimisation through advanced mapping and real-time data management through GIS.

2. Mapping the Landscape of Enterprise Mobility in 2014

Here we've drawn upon the thoughts and opinions of past Enterprise Mobility Exchange attendees and present editorial contributors across a number of crucial topics, to paint a detailed picture of what it takes to effectively implement mobility and positively impact your organisation. This This new eBook features interviews, articles and expert commentary from industry-leading organisations such as Kellogg's, National Grid, Google, Pacific Gas and Electric and Alliander, plus many more.

3. An Analysis of Enterprise Mobility in Asia Pacific

In this exclusive interview, Trent Mayberry, Managing Director of Accenture Mobility, part of Accenture Digital, APAC talks about the most significant trends currently having an impact on Enterprise Mobility and digital business processes as a whole. Trent also reveals his predictions for exciting emerging technologies, areas of investment that practitioners should be prioritising in their mobile strategies, and ways in which businesses in APAC are leading the way with their mobile initiatives.

4. Measuring Maturity in the European Enterprise Mobility Market

IDC recently conducted a study which has provided a business size and industry-specific analysis of Western European enterprises in relation to a unique Mobile Maturity Model. Here, John Delaney, Associate VP of Mobility Research for IDC spoke to us about some of the key trends and most interesting patterns which emerged from the European mobility market.

5. Regional Focus: Accenture's View from... South Korea

This article by Kwang-Bum Koh, South Korea Country Lead for Accenture Mobility provides insight into the South Korean markets' characteristics and daily challenges when it comes to implementing mobility across enterprises; including a highly advanced infrastructure with superfast connectivity, the gap between consumer and enterprise services, and the potential advantages for companies willing to adopt and embrace digital technologies.

6. Introducing Mobile Innovation into Your Organisation

Gerry Mecca, VP of IT, Dr Pepper Snapple Group offers advice on how to battle through difficulties securing senior leadership buy in for Enterprise Mobility initiatives, as well as highlighting what processes can be used to nurture innovation and get value out of what you already have in this video interview.

7. Apps in the Enterprise: How Are UK Companies Managing Mobility?

This infographic by Kony represents the feedback of over 120 IT decision makers from medium and large organisations across the UK, to understand what apps are really getting built, and who's leading the way.

8. Experiment with New Technology ã?? It Will Be Here Sooner than You Think

With such an enormously scattered landscape in terms of operating systems, devices, and functionalities, mobility leaders must think outside the box and experiment with imminent new technologies to overcome the challenges they face, according to Michel de Goede, Strategy Consultant and Enterprise Architect, Alliander. This interview covers Alliander's biggest success with mobility to date, and also reveals Michel's opinion on the future of technologies and trends which will affect the enterprise in the coming years.

9. Regional Focus: Accentureã??s View Fromã?¦ Brazil

Written by Renato Improta, Managing Director of LATAM and Mobility Lead for Accenture Mobility in Brazil, this article explains that as the world's fifth biggest internet user, Brazil is rapidly working to catch up on their fixed connections with mobile access to the internet, and discusses the unique challenges this is presenting.

10. Adding Value to the Field Workforce through Enterprise Mobility

Here, Tom Bales, Engineering Manager, Newport News Shipbuilding explains that it is crucial that the end users believe in the technology, so organisations must encourage feedback from the field to make sure the information their employees are getting is correct and useful. Tom also advises to test solutions in the field before investing, to maximise the potential for ROI, and provides advice for automating field workforces, in addition to achieving operational efficiency through mobile technology.

You can also look back on our June Month in Review.

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Contributor: Robbie Westacott

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