Top 10 Knowledge Partners in Enterprise & Field Mobility

Contributor: Niamh Madigan
Posted: 08/21/2013
Top 10 Knowledge Partners in Enterprise & Field Mobility

At Enterprise Mobility Exchange we work with lots of online knowledge partners. We have put a list together of some who stand out from the rest! The list is a combined resource of online networks, associations, websites and inspirational bloggers who are leading the way in this space. We suggest that you peruse our brief descriptions below and check them out, if you haven't done so before now.

Field Technologies Online: Leading online resource, this site hosts valuable information on topics including field service software, mobile computing, fleet and asset management, and M2M. What we really like are the mobile computing and practitioner / software case studies and the up-to-date industry reports and webinars.

Cloud Tech: This site promotes thought leadership content from industry brands, businesses and analysts, partnering with writers and bloggers who give insight and advice on areas from cloud IT strategy to CIOs and IT managers. There is a large section on this site dedicated to covering enterprise IT with some high level content.

The Enterprise Mobility Network: This online network focuses on rugged devices and solutions and has a vast coverage of industry news. Also hosts a decent knowledge bank with case studies, reports, supplier's lists and even a jargon buster! They also have a fairly active LinkedIn network of over 2000 members.

CIO: One of our favourites. Great categories at the top and the drilldown make it really easy to access the content you are looking for. Strong feature articles - if you weren't working in technology you would want to go on this site as a consumer. The slideshow feature is a great resource and makes the website current and fresh. Topics are broken down into 2 categories to choose from depending on the area you are working in: technology or business / management.

Mobile Enterprise Strategies: Kevin Benedict himself as "an opinionated Head Analyst for SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and Cloud) at Cognizant Technology Services and SAP Mentor Alumnus". He is also a speaker, writer and mobile strategies consultant and runs the website Mobile Enterprise Strategies. The site has over 2,400 articles and is mainly dedicated to the discussion of enterprise mobility and mobile strategies.

Mobile Marketing Association: The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) is a global non-profit trade association representing all players in mobile marketing. It has more than 700 member companies and works to promote, educate measure, guide and protect the mobile marketing industry worldwide, through global events and online resources.

There is an annual cost to become a member, which isn't cheap, but may be worth it for a big organisation due to the list of benefits that you can receive which includes access to an MMA members only forum and programme entry discount.

Vanilla Plus: Vanilla Plus is a resource that comments on major technological changes impacting the communications market. This website is appealing and easy to navigate around. It's a great resource for news and other content such as whitepapers, interviews, reports which sit in an easy-to-find knowledge centre designed with those working as communication service providers.

Enterprise MobileToday: News, views, reviews and tips - this site is a brilliant resource providing up-to-date information and news on enterprise mobility. Those working in this space can also meet on a forum and discuss issues and challenges in the space.

The Enterprise Mobility Forum: The Enterprise Mobility Foundation is the organisation behind the Enterprise Mobility Forum whose main raison d'ëtre is to discuss benefits of successfully deployed and managed mobility solutions. Boasting over 6,000 members, one of site's main goals is to be seen as a community builder. There are blogs and articles on latest news in enterprise mobility.

Into Mobile: Into Mobile delivers breaking news, information, and analysis on the latest mobile phones and mobile technology and it caters to early adopters, mobile professionals, technology enthusiasts, and technology consumers alike. Currently serving a global audience of over 3.5 million unique visitors, the site gives complete coverage on mobile technology - making it one of the most trafficked mobile tech news resources on the web!

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Contributor: Niamh Madigan

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