Top 10 from March: Enterprise Mobility Month in Review

Contributor: Robbie Westacott
Posted: 03/27/2014
Top 10 from March: Enterprise Mobility Month in Review

We're revisiting our top 10 posts from March to reflect on the highlights of what has been an interesting and exciting month for Enterprise Mobility. Listed below is our month in review.

1. The Business of Applications: Accenture Technology Vision 2014

The Accenture Technology Vision 2014 analyses six trends which are currently defining the ever-expanding digital space. Accenture have identified the focus of these trends to be businesses transitioning "from digitally disrupted to digital disrupter". The Business of Applications identifies software as a core competency in the digital world.

2. How Will the Changing Priorities of CIOs Affect the Customer?

This is a new study recently released by IBM, entitled, Moving from the Back Office to the Front Lines - CIO Insights from the Global C-suite Study. This research is based on face-to-face conversations with over 1,600 Chief Information Officers from as many as 70 countries and 20 different industries in total. Mobility was named as the top priority by 84% of participants.

3. Anytime, Anywhere Access: Utilising Cloud-Based Technology to Meet User Demands

In Part 2 of this exclusive video interview, Abhay Rajaram, VP Customer Success, Hightail continues to explain how mobile technology can help businesses achieve customer satisfaction. With up to 50% of business users believing they have access to better technology at home than they do at work, Abhay also outlines how users can benefit from cloud storage and file sharing, and reveals what he feels the future may hold for mobile data.

4. Moving From the Workplace of Today to the Workspace of Tomorrow

In this whitepaper, Denise Carson, Practice Manager, Enterprise Mobility & Wireless at UXC Connect looks at why mobility programs must be underpinned by a solid strategy to reap the benefits, and avoid the pitfalls, of advanced mobile technology. Denise also identifies, and analyses, the key components of devising an effective and sustainable mobile strategy.

5. Rogue IT: The Need for a Consumer-Grade Experience with Enterprise-Grade Security

The rise of the cloud and bring your own device (BYOD) have changed the enterprise paradigm completely, and IT departments that aren't keeping up with new user demands are losing control. In this article, David Lavenda, VP of Product Strategy for highlights the importance of providing employees with a pleasing user experience with all enterprise technology, to avoid dangerous "Rogue IT" behaviour putting the organisation at risk.

6. The Evolving Role of User Experience in Enterprise Mobility

Quite simply, anyone at the coal face of Enterprise Mobility now demands the user experience of their work-based technology to be as intuitive and efficient as possible. Here, Alan King, Chief Mobile Officer, Dusk Mobile, discusses the growing importance of creating a user experience with enterprise apps and devices which is as good as, if not better than, the consumer technology people use in their daily personal lives.

7. What Does Microsoft Office on the iPad Signify for the Future of Mobility?

Towards the end of March, in his first news briefing as CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella finally unveiled the capability to use the Microsoft Office suite on the iPad. Although downloadable for free on the Apple App Store, users will still require a subscription to Office 365. Additionally, Microsoft also launched a new Enterprise Mobility suite (EMS), marking Microsoft's plans for a mobile-first and cloud-first future.

8. Top Female CIOs: International Women's Day 2014

Here we pay tribute to some of the top female figures currently leading the way in modern business, to reiterate the importance of the female presence in the technology industry. Download this summary to view the Enterprise Mobility Exchange team's list of eight respected and admired female Chief Information Officers.

9. Mobility: Fueling the Digital Surge

In this infographic, Accenture detail the significant statistics from their 2014 Mobility Insights Report, with regards to investment in digital technologies, prominent challenges faced by organisations, and the behavioural patterns of businesses that have had substantial success with mobility.

10. The Global State of Enterprise Mobility Report: Expert Interviews

Hear from Dr. Brian Laughlin, Technical Fellow, Technical Architecture/Strategic Planning at the Boeing Company; Tim Hundt, Senior Enterprise Architect - Experience Solutions & Innovation at GE Capital and Giraldo Hierro, Head of Engineering at Google, in the interviews which contributed to our 2013 report.

You can also look back on our February Month in Review.

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Contributor: Robbie Westacott

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