Top 10 from September: Enterprise Mobility Month in Review

Both the Enterprise Mobility Exchange in Singapore and the Exchange in Las Vegas will be taking place in October, so ahead of the busiest month of the year, we're looking back on a wealth of interesting content from a particularly exciting September. Listed below is our month in review.

1. United IBM and Apple Presence at Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Las Vegas

Fred Balboni, Global Managing Partner, Strategy and Analytics IBM Global Business Services is set to give the Opening Keynote Address at the 2014 Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Las Vegas. In his exclusive address, Fred will explore the future of mobility and deliver key insight into how the IBM and Apple partnership will provide a new level of value for the Enterprise.

2. Survey: The Global State of Enterprise Mobility

September saw the launch of our annual global survey, with the aim of gaining a comprehensive understanding of what drives organisations to embrace mobile technology, what mistakes senior decision makers should look out for along their mobility journey, and where solution providers must work to fully meet the needs of the end user market, among many other crucial areas of interest.

3. User Experience in the Mobile Enterprise

Watch this unique video chat session, featuring four experienced mobile and enterprise IT practitioners, discussing challenges with delivering a seamless user experience within the enterprise. The participants included a Chief Technology Officer and a Senior Enterprise Architect, among others.

4. Enterprise Mobility to the Rescue

This comic book demonstrates four mobility superheroes doing battle against the many issues which can emerge with somewhat villainous tendencies when an organisation's approach and strategy is vulnerable. Our heroes, in the form of four leading analysts, defend the market from their enemies, ensuring a safe community and allowing mobile technology to empower organisations, rather than harm them.

5. 2014 Executive Enterprise Mobility Report

Amidst a recent increase in mobile applications in enterprises, this report reveals that organisations most satisfied with their mobile programs invest in custom applications, and that mobile security is still a top concern. The report also highlights the factors that are driving Enterprise Mobility programs, the benefits organisations are expecting from their investments, and the strategies companies are using to drive mobile adoption.

6. Top 5 Reasons IBM's Mobile-First Becomes a Serious Force to Be Reckoned With

Tony Rizzo, Entrepreneur in Residence, Mobile, IoT & Wearable Enterprise Research for Blue Hill Research has identified why this global strategic partnership between IBM and Apple will create a great deal of momentum for IBM's Mobile-First portfolio. Read Tony's Analyst Insight now for an in-depth look at the five reasons this partnership will position both Mobile-First and Mobile-First for iOS as the pre-eminent enterprise mobile development platform.

7. How is Mobility Affecting Enterprises in the APAC Region?

As enterprises continuously strive to improve efficiency, and technology is adopted heavily by consumers, the enterprise mobility market will continue to grow, and grow well. Read this article by Gurjit Gill, Divisional Head of IT, APAC for Vopak to learn what trends are emerging within the market in Asia at the moment.

8. iPhone 6: Welcome to the Enterprise

The highly anticipated iPhone 6 was also released in September, and was accompanied by a wealth of exciting new innovations and capabilities for the use of mobile devices in both the consumer and enterprise environments. Catch up with this summary of the monumental product launch from Apple.

9. Unleashing Mobile Applications on the Healthcare Sector

With the number of people using healthcare apps forecast to reach up to 500 million in 2015, it is becoming clear that drivers such as time efficiency and patient engagement are very beneficial, and are crucial components for wider adoption of mHealth. Download this infographic to see the key statistics regarding the current and future trends emerging within the mHealth market, and how these may positively influence patient care and services.

10. Efficiency and Effectiveness: Delivering a Smarter Working Environment to Employees

Talking to us ahead of his involvement at Enterprise Mobility Exchange, APAC (16 - 17 October in Singapore), Brian Chan, VP of IT for Carlsberg identified where he feels mobility in the APAC region is currently standing out from the rest of the world, and what core lessons businesses in APAC can learn from more mature markets, in terms of overcoming their top challenges with mobility.

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