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Simplyhealth, a leading health cash plan provider serving nearly 3.5 million customers, enhanced its continuous mobile application delivery with Mobile Labs deviceConnect. Prior to implementing deviceConnect, Simplyhealth was using mobile device simulators in its testing process, which failed to accurately represent the behavior of real devices.

To improve performance, Simplyhealth turned to deviceConnect’s efficient, private cloud infrastructure for comprehensive management of all of its mobile application testing assets.The private mobile device cloud, powered by Mobile Labs, has allowed Simplyhealth to access virtual devices from anywhere, use existing test scripts and test applications securely behind their corporate firewall. Download this case study to find out how SimplyHealth improved performance by turning to deviceConnect.

Watch this webinar to learn:

- Why using device emulators for testing can be less effective and impact performance

- If cross platform testing with multiple scripts can be lengthy and less effective

- Why testing in a public cloud could present significant security risks and how these risks can be avoided

- Whether device access for a dispersed workforce can lead to poor app performance and high costs

Speaker Information

Name: Chris Dale 

Position: IT Test and Release Manager  

Company:  SimplyHealth

Name: Paul O'Callaghan  

Position: VP of International Sales

Company: Mobile Labs