Good Apps Are Not Good Enough: How to Measure and Move Your Mobile Apps to Greatness

Posted: 10/28/2015

Download this report to gain real insight into consumers expectations of a great app and learn to measure the right things to be able to take your app to the next level.

Separating the great apps from the good reveals significant, long-term differences in customer loyalty and spend.

With companies competing for customers’ precious mobile moments, the opportunity is ripe to meet and exceed their expectations and reap the financial rewards.

IBM recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate what turns consumers and other users both off and onto a mobile app (and its authoring brand) and focused on the following questions: what elevates a good, serviceable, and even profitable app into the realm of great? And if a mobile app achieves greatness, what is the impact?

The study yielded three key findings:

  • There are major financial opportunities for enterprises who create great mobile apps to create direct revenue, influence sales in other channels, lower operation costs, increase customer engagement and loyalty through improved customer experiences
  • Consumers expect that a great app will provide relevant, contextual content and offers that are tailored and pushed to them which is a disconnect from what enterprise think consumers way Organisations need to spend the time and money to create great apps
  • Organisations are not yet measuring the right things that will lead them to create great mobile apps
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Posted: 10/28/2015