Mobility Tech 2020: Mobile First – the Trends and Challenges Driving the Industry Forward in the Next 5 Years

Posted: 01/17/2016

A long-term outlook on the biggest drivers of change within the Enterprise Mobility industry and a best-practice guide for IT leaders to help them leverage the available opportunities.

Enterprise mobility is a rapidly changing and continuously evolving industry. While it would be impossible to predict all the innovative trends that will be disrupting the landscape in the next five years and impacting upon how IT leaders will be enhancing their strategies for an optimized delivery of mobility within their enterprise, there are key trends that have already taken a firm root within the market.

Through our extensive research and in-depth interviews with industry leaders and analysts, we’ve defined the main trends and challenges that will be driving the industry forward until 2020, providing you with an informed platform to leverage the available opportunities within your own enterprise.

Download this report for:

  • The Trends Driving Enterprise Mobility Until 2020
  • The Biggest Challenges Facing IT Leaders
  • A Best Practice Guide to Leverage Industry Changes
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Posted: 01/17/2016