Navigating the Mobile Threat Landscape in 2015 and Beyond

Posted: 07/26/2015

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Mobile devices are now everywhere, constantly accessing data, downloading apps, playing games, getting directions, banking, working, selling and buying, chatting with friends and in some cases even committing crimes.

As long as there is progress and these devices continue to offer their users far more efficiency and productivity than ever, they will also remain prime targets for accessing sensitive information regarding individual's lives, jobs and secrets.

While mobile device manufacturers and application developers have been breaking new ground with products, malware developers have been doing the same. Malware developers see the opportunity to ride the mobility of these devices, the data they access and the information they store, to gain access to not only our personal, but professional lives as well.

This whitepaper will help prepare readers to navigate an increasingly dangerous mobile threat landscape, by:

  • Examining vulnerabilities in different markets
  • Discussing specific threats to the enterprise
  • Exploring possible developments for the coming years
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Posted: 07/26/2015