App-Centric Security — Meeting The Needs Of The Modern Mobile Enterprise

Apps are driving mobile initiatives across every industry: not only are they going cross-platform, usage is growing exponentially year-over-year. VDC’s data shows that deploying new mobile applications can often take months and involve high operational and financial risks—regardless, this data also shows that more organizations have business units taking the lead role in furthering their mobile application initiatives. These trends signal that mobile application development activities are no longer just IT-led, and that business-led initiatives are more common. VDC believes that the need to enforce application security measures will grow with the expansion of mobility initiatives. For this reason, organizations will be well served to integrate app-centric security functionality into their development processes.

In this report learn:

• Why application security measures will continue to grow with the expansion of mobility initiatives

• Mobile device deployment & security requirements to consider

• How people, processes and technologies fit into mobile adoption across the enterprise