5 Top Talking Points in Enterprise Mobility: The European Chapter

Niamh Madigan

Whether you are at the very beginning of building mobility into your enterprise, or you have implemented a successful mobility strategy and are now considering making 3rd/4th generation investments, going mobile is now a must for all organisations, as new mobile technology is driving new ways of working. However all organisations face significant challenges in implementing mobile technology in such a rapidly evolving industry.

At the European Mobility Exchange event in this year leaders shared their insights into the rapidly changing world of mobile technology and the impact this has on enterprises. The following five themes emerged:

Mobile strategy: In such a rapidly evolving market it's difficult to take a strategic approach to mobility and work out which tools are right for your business. However, to make mobile technology work for the business you must engage key stakeholders in developing a mobile strategy, enable lines of business to leverage their own agility and find out what their mobile requirements should be

Maintain a solid pipeline of innovation: All companies are looking for creative ways to engage employees and customers through mobile technology. However, it's imperative that this is done in a coordinated way if projects are to deliver sustainable value to the business.

End user engagement is key: Building technology with, not for the user is vital to project success. Technology enters the enterprise at multiple touch points and mobility is not (or should not) be an 'IT issue'. Involve employees in technology selection, development and implementation, whilst ensuring new solutions integrate with legacy systems.

Mobile Security and BYOD: Still a persistent challenge that impacts the entire business. You must include HR, legal and key business stakeholders to build a robust governance structure and policy framework as well as explore technology solutions to help mitigate security risks and empower your employees through BYOD.

Mobile applications: Companies must take a device agnostic approach to mobility, and develop apps for both employees and customers that are easy and fun to use! However it's a careful balancing act to ensure that tools deployed are innovative, yet enterprise scalable.