Top 10 From November: Battlegrounds, Villains & Heroes in Mobility

Contributor: Robbie Westacott
Posted: 11/24/2013
Top 10 From November:  Battlegrounds, Villains & Heroes in Mobility

With mobility exploding into almost every industry - it can be hugely liberating, but very disruptive in its path. Over the past few months, we have spoken to many enterprises that are looking to strip right back and assess business strategies and possible implications before implementing a mobility programme.

We've gathered some of the top pieces of content which includes helpful practices from big organisations who have implemented mobility strategies and faced challenges along the way; Google, Coca-Cola and P&G share lessons learned.

We get some key tips from big industry players including John Lewis and IKEA on how to leverage mobility for the RETAIL market (RESEARCH, ENGAGEMENT, TECHNOLOGY, ANALYTICS, INNOVATION AND LIKE ME!!) and don't miss our short video which gives an overview of the State of Global Mobility to date.

1. Video: The Mobile Revolution

Watch this short animated video to find out how the fast-paced growth in mobility is shaping businesses, and what a robust strategy can do to ensure success for the future of your organisation. Plus, find out where other enterprises are investing to remain at the forefront of this revolution so you too can leverage enterprise mobility to increase performance, productivity and profitability.

2. 6 Tips to Leverage Mobility for Retail

Retail spending online is expected to account for 12 per cent of total retail this year (ã35.3 billion), as new devices, clever apps and enhanced delivery options continue to make online shopping more attractive for today's savvy shoppers. We take a look at how retailers can leverage mobile opportunities to drive business online, and indeed across the traditional retail store with some key tips from Amazon, John Lewis and IKEA.

3. Exclusive Presentation: Google in the Enterprise

In this presentation, taken from the Enterprise Mobility Exchange event in Las Vegas, Giraldo Hierro, Head of Engineering at Google, explores opportunities to deploy innovative cloud computing solutions, how to assess security, privacy and other risk factors. We also hear how Google has addressed and overcome these issues.

4. Can the Mobility Age Transform IT from Villain to Hero?

How well do you know your CIO or IT Director? And is your organisation fully up-to-speed when it comes to understanding the current strategies and goals of your IT department? This piece looks closer at the ways in which IT can elevate its role amongst business stakeholders within the Enterprise to help bridge the gap with other lines of business in order for a mobile roadmap to be successfully built.

5. Mobility's Fastest Interview: Coca-Cola's Mobile Strategy

John Leabeater, Lead Technical Analyst at Coca Cola Bottling Consolidated (CCBC) shares exclusive insight into CCBC's mobility initiatives and gives his views on the rapidly evolving enterprise mobility market - all in 140 characters max per answer!

6. Exclusive Whitepaper: Mobilising the Enterprise

Pervasive wireless infrastructure and the proliferation of smart mobile devices are enabling real-time access to e-commerce, payments, communications and information services across devices and application platforms like never before. Early adopters are boosting operational efficiency. Jeff Wallace, VP Mobility, Ness, explains how your enterprise can stand out from the pack and how not to lose out to more proactive and aggressive rivals.

7. Free Webinar: Accelerate Mobile App Enablement for the Enterprise through Open and Agile Technologies

Join this webinar, presented by VDC Research Analyst, David Krebs and FeedHenry, as they discuss the challenges enterprises face in developing and managing their mobile apps and learn how agile, open and scalable approaches can relieve the pressure on IT while giving business the freedom to create compelling apps.

8. The New Enterprise Battleground: Scoring Today's Return on Mobility for Mobile App Platforms

With mobile, social and cloud technologies fusing at an increasingly rapid and disruptive rate, enterprises need to re-envision the applications supporting their business process as mobile and cloud-enabled to successfully affect the business transformation needed to be competitive in the modern digital economy. Chris Marsh, Principal Analyst at the Yankee Group looks at the obstacles impeding innovation and the best approach to get around them

9. P&G Share Results of Enterprise Mobility Pilot Programmes

P&G is undergoing a productivity programme and is in the early stages of its mobility journey. In this video interview Alexey Rykhva, Global Program Manager at P&G, explains the basic pilots that have been carried out globally and the results they have seen to date.

10. 6 Top Takeaways from Enterprise Mobility Exchange APAC

What areas are enterprises grappling with when setting and implementing their mobile strategy? We share the top 6 themes that emerged from a meeting of senior mobile industry leaders who recently met at the Enterprise Mobility Exchange APAC event in Singapore.

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Contributor: Robbie Westacott

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