Strategies for Managing Cellular Network Performance

Posted: 05/08/2014

Nearly two-thirds of IT decision makers have stated that greater use of mobile technologies is either a high or critical priority.

As mobile deployments and cellular data use become more business-critical than ever, enterprises face the need to monitor, manage and optimise their wireless investments. New tools are required that will deliver visibility into actual performance of cellular data networks in five key areas:

  • Carrier Coverage
  • Data Consumption
  • Cost Control
  • User Experience
  • Asset Management

Without performance management tools, organisations will remain blind, and will be unable to optimise, or even understand, the performance of their mobile deployments.

Learn from NetMotion Wireless the importance of mobile connectivity, supported by three trends which have particular implications for enterprises with a need to manage their increasingly mobile workforces.

Join NetMotion Wireless General Manager for EMEA & ROW, Erik Helms to find out how to optimise, control and gain visibility into the most critical link in business productivity in this exclusive webinar, Mobile Connectivity: Chaos & Opportunity.

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Posted: 05/08/2014