21 Digital Transformation Experts To Follow On Twitter

Leading Digital Transformation Voices On Social Media

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Steven Lerner

Going through digital transformation alone is never a good idea. You could have the greatest digital transformation roadmap and buy-in from the C-Suite level, but it is also beneficial to get advice from experts outside your organization.

Twitter provides incredible access to thought leaders in digital transformation. Some of them are in the C-Suite level, and others are prolific authors and speakers in the industry. Although they have different titles, they all share a vast knowledge and passion about innovative technology and the future of work.

Enterprise Mobility Exchange has compiled a list of 21 of the best Twitter accounts of digital transformation thought leaders. Use this guide to connect with these technology virtuosos, each providing valuable information critical to digital transformation success:

1. Isaac Sacolick (@nyike)

Isaac Sacolick is the CIO and president of StarCIO, and a published author. In addition to promoting his own thought leadership pieces about the industry, Sacolick tweets about critical technology areas, such as agile management practices.

2. Alvin Foo (@alvinfoo)

Alvin Foo is the managing director for Reprise Digital. Foo is passionate about many aspects of digital transformation — including artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and blockchain —and the passion comes across through his many tweets on these subjects.

3. Ryan Faas (@RyanFaas)

Ryan Faas is a technology author and strategist. On Twitter, Faas regularly shares technology articles, especially about enterprise mobility.

4. Bill Schmarzo (@schmarzo)

Bill Schmarzo is the CTO of Hitachi Vantara. Under the Twitter name Dean of Big Data, Schmarzo frequently tweets about big data and other technologies that align with it, including AI and the Internet of Things (IoT).

5. Michael Fisher (@Fisher85m)

Michael Fisher is a systems analyst with the Whitcraft Group. As a self-described tech evangelist, Fisher includes topics such as machine learning, IoT, security, and other emerging technologies in his tweets.

6. Sarbjeet Johal (@sarbjeetjohal)

Sarbjeet Johal is a principal advisor for The Batchery. Johal is very active on Twitter, and is often tweeting about digital transformation, the cloud, and DevOps.

7. Danielle Guzman (@guzmand)

Danielle Guzman is the global head of social media at Mercer. Each day, Guzman tweets about the latest technological innovations, such as AI, and how it will impact the future of work.

8. Dana Gardner (@Dana_Gardner)

Dana Gardner is the president and principal analyst for Interarbor Solutions. Gardner, a self-described prolific blogger and podcaster, focuses on topics such as IoT, the cloud, and digital transformation on Twitter.

9. Deborah Kay (@debbiediscovers)

Deborah Kay is the director of client relations for HealthTech Research. Kay tweets the latest digital transformation breakthroughs, as well as the latest security hacks affecting numerous industries.

10. Jason Bloomberg (@TheEbizWizard)

Jason Bloomberg is the president of Intellyx. As a writer who also covers agile digital transformation, Bloomberg keeps his Twitter up-to-date about the latest occurrences in the IT field.

11. Emma Mulqueeny (@hubmum)

Emma Mulqueeny works in strategic engagement and operations for NHS. Mulqueeny tweets about her insights on digital transformation and business changes.

12. Olivier Blanchard (@OABlanchard)

Olivier Blanchard is a senior analyst with Futurum Research, as well as an author and keynote speaker. In addition to sharing digital transformation news, Blanchard regularly tweets from live industry events with important updates.

13. Peter Bordes (@PeterBordes)

Peter Bordes is the chairman and founder of oneQube. Borders calls himself a “digital transformation obsessed serial entrepreneur,” with tweets about blockchain, security, and AI to back up that obsession.

14. Beth Kanter (@kanter)

Beth Kanter is a writer, professor, and trainer. Kanter is very active on Twitter and writes about digital transformation trends, as well as other subjects.

15. Catherine Tymkiw (@Ctymkiw)

Catherine Tymkiw is a journalist who covers digital transformation. Tymkiw participates in live Twitter chats about technology, in addition to her digital transformation-focused tweets.

16. Evan Kirstel (@evankirstel)

Evan Kirstel is the Chief Digital Evangelist for EviraHealth. Kirstel’s Twitter account is like a hub for the latest technology news, including topics about blockchain and 5G.

17. Laura Desmond (@LBDesmond)

Laura Desmond is the CEO and founder of Eagle Vista Partners. She often tweets about data strategy, cloud, and enterprise software.

18. Brian Fanzo (@iSocialFanz)

Brian Fanzo is the founder and CEO of iSocialFanz. The millennial keynote speaker is constantly traveling on the road, and still finds time to connect with his audience with tweets about digitalization occurring across organizations.

19. Theodora Lau (@psb_dc)

Theodora Lau is the founder of Unconvential Ventures. Lau dedicates her Twitter account to digital transformation subjects and the future of work, with tweets about AI, mobile devices, and other technology news.

20. Tamara McCleary (@TamaraMcCleary)

Tamara McCleary is the CEO of Thulium Co. McClearly keeps on eye on many technology and business trends, with a special focus about the impact AI is having on businesses in different industries.

21. Paula Piccard (@Paula_Piccard)

Paula Piccard is the owner of Spotrus. Piccard likes to tweet about digital transformation subjects such as 5G, AI, robotics, and FinTech.

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