Enterprise Mobility: The Top Projects

Simon Barton

Mobile devices have been infiltrating the enterprise for a number of years, changing business processes and increasing worker productivity. With organizations now understanding their advantages, they are looking to prioritize their mobility efforts to best take advantage.

As a provider of tailored Enterprise Mobility Exchanges, we have a wealth of data to call upon. In our new report – ‘The Evolution of Enterprise Mobility’- we have used the information provided by the senior mobility executives who attend our events to form the basis of our discussion. The findings show that a consensus regarding the main mobility priorities has yet to be reached. 

The lack of a consensus seen in the report shows that companies are reacting to enterprise mobility in different ways. This is not just in terms of their priorities, but also the functions they are looking to outsource.

We did, however, find that there were some patterns in the data. Projects such as mobile application development surfaced as a priority prominently throughout the entire dataset – which brought together enterprises from over 51 industries – and also across energy, transportation and finance, the three industries this report focuses on. 

By directing the report’s attention to three specific industries, we were able to make comparisons, and highlight common differences. As an example, enterprises in the energy sector are placing much more importance on the cloud than those operating in finance and transportation. These divergences don’t necessarily mean that the cloud is not an important function for the latter industries, but perhaps that they have already implemented a solution to deal with it. 

This creates a number of questions. Are certain projects conducive to increased productivity or efficiency in specific industries? Are there projects that suggest that a particular industry has yet to embrace mobility fully? 

As well as looking at the top projects, you will also find out about the many different corporate applications employees are accessing on their devices. The findings here were clearer. Across our entire dataset, it was common to see companies expanding on the basic email, calendar and contact applications which in the past, constituted total access. Increasingly, enterprises are allowing their workers to access new applications and systems while on-the-go. 

Using our data, this report also examines the state of outsourcing in the enterprise mobility space. If you are unclear about the functions you should be outsourcing, this report details the percentage of companies outsourcing particular initiatives and the budgets they are allocating to spend on mobility.

Our ‘The Evolution of Enterprise Mobility’ report will be published on Enterprise Mobility Exchange in the near future, so please stay tuned for its release.