Leading Chinese Retailer Deploys Custom Mobile App to Drive Business Improvement

August 10, 2015

One of the leading furniture retailers in China has revealed it will use an IBM MobileFirst for iOS mobile app to improve its customers’ shopping experience.

Markor International Home Furnishings Co., Ltd., China’s premier high-end furniture and home brand, will use the app to help sales associates with iPhones or iPads to place orders, demo products and show 3D images of custom furniture.

The app’s analytics will also give sales associates the ability to make personalised recommendations for customers, such as complementary pieces or fabric patterns personalised to a customer's unique taste and preferences.

This strategic move is unsurprising, as Markor Furnishings has so far experienced success with digital transformation in the home furnishing industry. With its new IBM MobileFirst for iOS app, Markor sales associates will be able to help customers browse home furnishings, offering to record their preferences and capture purchase details on their mobile devices, feeding that data into Markor's back-end systems.

That data will, in-turn, be able to be analysed to classify customers' historical buying behaviors, which will improve product recommendations, as well as allowing Markor to be reactive in the design of new products and pricing to optimise sales.

"Markor Furnishings has always been committed to helping customers in China artfully create their perfect home," said Richard Feng, Chairman & CEO of Markor Investment Group Co., Ltd. "With the help of Apple and IBM, we will use analytics to provide our customers more personalised, efficient and quality service ideally suited to their unique tastes and preferences, ultimately realising our strategy to provide customers a transformed, seamless shopping experience in the store and beyond."

The new IBM MobileFirst for iOS app will specifically address the requirements of lifestyle and home furnishing retailers.

Built exclusively for iPhone and iPad, IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps will be delivered to the retailer in a secure environment, embedded with analytics and linked to core business processes. The apps will be customised for Markor’s needs and easily deployed, managed and upgraded via cloud services from IBM, specifically for iOS devices.

"What we're delivering for Markor aims directly at the new quest of business – smart technologies that unlock new value at the intersection of big data and individual engagement. With a range of custom options and discrete customer tastes, the home furnishing industry is in the perfect position to capitalise on this opportunity," said Nancy Thomas, Managing Partner of IBM Global Business Services, Greater China Group. "Industry by industry, Apple and IBM are lifting the performance of business professionals by combining IBM's industry expertise and big data analytics capabilities with Apple's legendary user experience, and excellence in product design."

IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps have now been developed for leading enterprises in verticals such as banking and finance, healthcare, retail, insurance, telecoms, energy and utilities, industrial products, travel and transportation, electronics and government agencies, thanks to the unprecedented collaboration between Apple and IBM.