Securing The Transformational Journey In IoT

Contributor: Emil Berthelsen
Posted: 03/29/2016

For enterprises looking to embark on the IoT journey, security should thus be a key consideration from the very outset of any initiative. It should also not be tackled in a vacuum. Securing IoT requires a mix of technological and operational experience that no enterprise will possess all the necessary knowledge for.

Trusted partners that bring both technical knowhow and experience will be essential. In particular, we see for key considerations enterprises should keep in mind as they embark on the transformational journey IoT can bring to their organization:  

Collaboration is a must

The many components that comprise an IoT solution means that it will be imperative to have effective collaborations (in order to fully understand the security implemented at that component layer) with trusted partners during implementation. This requires developing the kind of trust that gives the enterprise confidence that their partner(s) has kind of knowledge necessary to secure all aspects the IoT solution being implemented.

Security by design is key

Security must be table stakes in the implementation of any IoT solution. Considerations should be taken at the outset of the design process, with the architecture and implementation program taking security into account every step of the way. Considerations must also be extended to the human interactions that will occur as it becomes operational.

Consider the business case

Implementation efforts should properly align the time and finances invested into security with the overall value that IoT will deliver to the enterprise. Security should be approached with a sense of practicality and common sense, but certainly never ignored.

Contingency planning

What may be the most difficult to admit is that 100% security may not be practical nor actually possible. At the end of the day, security is a constantly moving target. Malicious activity and the search for system vulnerabilities is a constant task, especially in fast scaling systems. It is imperative, especially for mission critical IoT implementations, to have risk mitigation systems that identify anomalous activities and prevent it from propagating across a system. Contingencies should be in place to account for the variety of “what if” scenarios that could arise as an IoT system becomes operational.

This article is part of a longer-form article written by Godfrey Chua and Emil Berthelsen. If you want to discover the whole enterprise IoT journey you can do so here.

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Emil Berthelsen
Contributor: Emil Berthelsen

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