Acronyms, Data, IoT: These Memes Sum Up Enterprise Mobility

The daily rat race in information technology is filled with catching up, slowing down, and marrying innovation with disaster recovery. And that’s just a single day!

It’s refreshing to crack a smile or even laugh once in a while, so Enterprise Mobility Exchange is providing a quick-hit list of some hilarious memes that should have you grinning on even the busiest of days. 

Now let's take a look at the lighter side of IT.

1.25 Meme 1

Some sentences don't even use actual words anymore.

1.25 Meme 2

Imagine if everyone around you screamed whenever that phrase was used. We probably wouldn't hear it too much anymore.

1.25 Meme 3

Seriously, let's look at the priorities in front of us before starting a new project. 

1.25 Meme 4

You're probably getting hacked anyway, so what's the difference?

1.25 Meme 5

Well that seems a bit malicious. 

1.25 Meme 6

Won't be long before you have no idea who you're speaking with. Good luck!

1.25 Meme 7

It totally is! But what are you doing with it?