Industry On The Move: 5 Tech Stories In December 2018 You Might Have Missed

MOBI, AT&T, Cisco, And More

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Steven Lerner

Each month, Enterprise Mobility Exchange publishes Industry On The Move, a look at the most important stories in the business technology sector and how it affects enterprises.

1. Tangoe Acquires Mobi

The news: In a story that shook the enterprise mobility world to its core, Tangoe acquired MOBI, one of the largest mobility managed services (MMS) businesses. Tangoe is a technology expense management (TEM) company that IT departments use to control the costs of mobile devices. Financial terms have not been disclosed. Combined, both companies manage 10 million connected devices.

What this means for enterprises: Obviously, customers of each company will benefit from having access to the expanded mobility services from the acquisition. On a larger scale, this news could alter the enterprise mobility management space. If the new solutions from Tangoe and MOBI gain wide acceptance, enterprises are going to demand the same functionalities and enhancements from other MMS providers.

2. AT&T Unveils The First 5G Service In The U.S.

The news: On December 21, 2018 AT&T made history by becoming the first telecom company in the U.S. to offer mobile 5G service to users. 5G wasn’t expected to emerge until later in 2019. AT&T is offering the 5G mobile service through hotspots, where users can connect 4G devices.

What this means for enterprises: This story signals that 5G will become a major force in mobility in 2019. Enterprises should start to prepare now for a future with 5G in the workplace.

3. Cisco Systems Buys Optical Chip Company

The news: Cisco Systems spent $660 million to acquire Luxtera, a semiconductor company that makes silicon photonic chips. Other tech giants, such Intel, were also attempting the purchase Luxtera. This was the fourth acquisition for Cisco in 2018, with the other three being in the cloud computing space.

What this means for enterprises: With companies wanting more bandwidth to handle mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, Cisco is betting that the chips produced by Luxtera will help meet that demand. Photonics are able to move larger data sets at faster speeds, which could diminish the bandwidth bottleneck.

4. KubeCon Attendance Skyrockets

The news: December 10-13 marked KubeCon and CloudNativeCon North America 2018. Its a conference dedicated to Kubernetes, an open source container-orchestration system for automating deployment. In 2016, 500 people attended the event. This year, there were over 8,000 attendees.

What this means for enterprises: With a 1600% increase in attendance in just two years, it is becoming clear that more IT professionals are leveraging Kubernetes to help manage containers. The real question is: how are enterprises harnessing Kubernetes to improve automation? If an organization hasn’t dedicated resources to Kubernetes, it might want to look into it.

5. Google Cloud Buys A DevOps Research Firm

The news: DevOps Research and Assessment LLC (DORA), a digital transformation research firm, was acquired by Google Cloud on December 20. No financial terms have been disclosed. DORA has previously led the largest studies on DevOps.

What this means for enterprises: Typically, tech companies acquire other tech companies, so the acquisition of a research firm is a bit out of mainstream. Google says that it will use DORA to enhance the experiences for developers and operators. It is a move that can improve conditions for DevOps.

Did we miss any major moves this month in the industry? Email editor Steven Lerner at to let us know.