Data For Days: How To Push Enterprise Mobility Forward

What if the IT department – from the coders to the CIOs – had a way of taking the mass amounts of information in its hands and turned that into actionable, cost-saving metrics?

Enterprises looking to innovate through digital transformation need to analyze before making an approach, and that’s where data comes into play. Just as every sales call brings with it data points – the customer’s personal life, business needs, spending trends, and so forth – so does every piece of technology in the organization. Whether it’s data at rest or data in motion, all of it has a story to tell, and each piece adds to a larger puzzle of business insights and decision-making capabilities.

In order to fully transform to a mobile-only enterprise, IT leaders within the organization need to first understand the importance of the data being captured and how it can be used to mobilize a legacy culture.

Here are some tips on how to best utilize company data to digitally transform:

Reach For The Skies, Put Your Data Up High 
Your organization is overflowing with data, and you don’t even know it, and as more technology is integrated into the everyday workflow, the data will accumulate exponentially. So where’s it going? It’s time to reach for the cloud. Whether it’s a public or private setting (off-premise vs. on-premise), one service or multiple, that’s up to the decision makers. Either way, cloud has now become a basic common denominator for companies around the globe who need to store data and use it to build and innovate. In fact, according to a recent Enterprise Mobility Exchange survey, cloud was the top initiative sought by IT executives in 2017.

Let Data Drive Decision Making
The old adage, numbers don’t lie, is truer in data analytics than anywhere else. Let’s say your IT department implements a data visualization system for its mobile devices, spanning thousands of employees around the country. How many of those devices are inactive, or even abandoned or stolen? What’s that costing the company? How much carrier data is being used per device and is the company overpaying for services? Or worse yet, how often are field workers tapping into unsecured WiFi locations, and how can that be mitigated? This is all found within the data available to the IT department, and can be used to cut costs and stop threats in real-time.

View It Holistically, Not In Silos
So you’ve got hordes of data focused on your enterprise mobility. That’s fantastic! But it doesn’t mean it needs to be kept in the mobility silo. Your in-house analysts may see trends that align the mobile side of the shop with the cyber security folks, or maybe the network and infrastructure heads, or even how that data can – and should – be used to build native enterprise apps. Whatever the data is and whichever company department or sector it comes from, be sure to cross-reference and benchmark the information to see where lines of business can work hand in hand to optimize outcomes.

With the advent of hot tech initiatives like IoT, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and machine learning, data is everything. Knowing what to do with it and how it best suits the enterprise’s digital transformation needs is another animal entirely. Grasping that concept earlier than later will eliminate plenty of roadblocks on the company’s strategic roadmap. 

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