Microsoft And Soloinsight To Help Develop The Internet of "People"

Soloinsight has joined forces with Microsoft to become one of the Red Carpet Program partners for the Microsoft Azure IoT (Internet of Things) Suite.

The Red Carpet Program is a worldwide initiative in which Microsoft carefully selects partners to be the "go to" partners for the new cloud, mobility and IoT solutions. Partners are selected based on multiple criteria, such as innovative products and services, the scalability of the product and a proven track record. Microsoft helps them scale by connecting them to investors, strategic partners, customers and by funding pilots through their Business Incentive Fund (BIF).

"We are delighted to be approached by Microsoft to participate in this program," said Carter Kennedy, CEO of Soloinsight, "It is predicted that nearly $6 trillion will be spent on IoT solutions over the next five years, and we want play our role in this transformation to create software solutions around IoT infrastructure."

"CloudGate is an access intelligence software platform we built upon Azure IoT infrastructure which talks to software defined IoT controllers and turns conventional gates and turnstiles smart.

Enterprises use of our Platform helps to achieve four goals: identify people flawlessly, enforce compliance rules consistently, aggregate data for enterprise tools like Microsoft Dynamics and Sharepoint uniquely and allow a physical single sign-on access to a facility, seamlessly."

"Our compliance enforcement algorithms help companies save money on payroll and litigation, reduce risk by ensuring safety and security, enforces compliance in real-time and tracks resources and assets for increased efficiency," said Farhan Masood, CTO of Soloinsight, "By solving for the "people" part of the Internet of Things, we are working along Microsoft to build the next generation of Internet of "People" based on the Azure IoT infrastructure."