Exclusive Report: 2019 Digital Transformation Challenges And Hot Topics

Annual Enterprise Mobility Survey Report

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Steven Lerner

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Enterprises find themselves at a crossroads in 2019. The pressure to adopt new solutions will present even more challenges, such as increasing security threats and possible budgetary shortfalls.

With more organizations focused on modernizing the workforce, digital transformation initiatives have become a priority. Cloud computing and machine learning have become staples in enterprise mobility. Meanwhile, more businesses are incorporating new technologies, such as IoT, blockchain, and virtual reality (VR). What’s next in the digital transformation landscape for 2019?

Enterprise Mobility Exchange surveyed its audience of IT leaders at the end of 2018 to understand the current state of the industry. The results of this survey are coupled with insights from industry thought leaders in this report to provide a sophisticated overview of the hot topics in enterprise digitalization.

Based on the survey results, IT leaders had several missed opportunities in 2018 that they deeply regret, including the failure to implement AI platforms or rollout certain mobile applications. Simultaneously, digital transformation leaders have a lot to worry about. When asked what keeps them up at night, 55% pinpointed security as their top fear. Nearly 53% worried that their organizations would lack the resources to adopt new technology solutions.

“While digital transformation is a growing ‘trend’ today, companies who are not well underway are behind the eight ball,” said Brad Shafton, director of user services at Hologic.

Although 49% of IT leaders are optimistic, there is still a lot of apprehension, especially with regards to security and budgeting. These fears could shape the way enterprises approach technology decisions in the new year.

Download this exclusive report today and learn:

  • Top enterprise technology investments and biggest challenges with today’s enterprise mobility strategies
  • How many mobile apps did enterprises deploy in 2018, and how many are projected to be deployed in 2019
  • How enterprises will leverage blockchain, unified endpoinment management (UEM), or AI in 2019