Key Challenges with Enterprise Mobility and Technology Trends to Overcome Them

Mobile is one of the fastest changing markets that there is, and dealing with trends such as BYOD is one of the biggest challenges with Enterprise Mobility right now for businesses.

BYOD hasn't necessarily been fulfilling its full promise, as businesses still want to have some control over the phones being used, so there has been a great deal of back and forth with how to manage it, according to Jim Rapoza, Senior Research Analyst and Editorial Director, Aberdeen Group.

Another of the biggest challenges with Enterprise Mobility that practitioners are facing is security, because business leaders must be aware of the dangers of giving access to corporate data on mobile devices.

The speed of evolution is also a struggle for businesses to adapt to, and keeping up with new technologies rather than staying in their comfort zones with legacy systems. Businesses must have the strength to accept what they can't change. There will never be the level of control over mobility that there was in the pre-mobile era, explains Jim in this video interview.

Regarding drivers behind investments in mobile technology, mobile-first is coming into prominence and is now the dominant force in accessing data and content. Consequently, companies now have no option to ignore mobility.

Jim also discusses where he thinks this market is heading in the next five years, and the potential of emerging devices and technologies.