DataXoom Launches New Mobile Data Plans Allowing Companies to Pool Data Usage across BYOD Users

Tuesday, January 20, 2015.

DataXoom Corp., the first value-added wholesale provider of mobile data services for businesses, today announced the launch of new mobile data plans that will allow customers to share data across a company-wide BYOD environment.

This announcement makes DataXoom the first and only wireless provider to allow enterprise customers to experience the benefits of a BYOD environment, while realising the cost savings and data pooling advantages that have previously only been available to large, centralised corporate-owned and sponsored accounts.

The mobile applications that are driving the rapid growth of mobile data consumption are no longer considered a strategic advantage, but a necessity for businesses to remain competitive in their field. Procuring, managing, and deploying mobile data to support these applications continues to be a timely and expensive hurdle. DataXoom’s business-centric, custom billing platform provides enterprise customers with the options and tools required to swiftly integrate, and effectively manage, their mobile data strategies.

In a November, 2014 release, Federica Troni, Research Director at Gartner said, "IT leaders can spend half a million dollars to buy and support 1,000 enterprise-owned tablets, while they can support 2,745 user-owned tablets with that same budget. Without a stipend, direct costs of user-owned tablets are 64% lower. When organisations have several users who want a tablet as a device of convenience, offering a BYOD option is the best alternative to limit cost and broaden access."

"There are many well-documented benefits of implementing a BYOD policy within an enterprise, including lower hardware costs. The main challenge when considering a BYOD strategy has historically been the higher costs of wireless service, which typically results from losing valuable corporate discounts, and pooling options amongst employees. With our announcement today, DataXoom is reducing the costs to implement and manage a corporate BYOD strategy," said Rob Chamberlin, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, DataXoom.

DataXoom provides 3G and 4G mobile data network connectivity for the tablets, mobile hotspots, and specialist devices used by mid and large-sized businesses. DataXoom has wholesale relationships with large-scale mobile operators, and deploys their LTE, CDMA and GSM networks.

In addition to its new BYOD pooling options, DataXoom will offer businesses several important advantages when compared to purchasing directly from the mobile network operators, such as:

  • No contracts or termination penalties
  • Mobile data pricing options including pay-as-you-go plans, 2-10 GB plans that pool across all users, and larger terabyte plans that can be customised for specific pricing requirements
  • Affordable new or refurbished devices, as well as tablet-and-service bundles, in which the lease cost of the device is packaged with the monthly data service. Other services, such as configuration, warranty, and repair services, can be added

DataXoom’s service operates on three of the four largest US mobile network operators, and is available nationwide.