Is The iPhone 7 An Enterprise Game Changer?

Another year, another Apple iPhone with new specs and plenty of ballyhoo upon its introduction.

While consumers worldwide will plunk down hundreds of dollars to get the next generation of smartphone, will enterprises follow suit? Will the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus bring enough star power to be a handheld device best used by those in the enterprise?

Probably not, say industry insiders.

While Apple announced a few tech-happy upgrades like Bluetooth earbuds and a waterproof device to go along with a faster processer, the upgrades just aren’t enough to make the 7 a fixture in the enterprise, according to one mobile tech leader.

“I know people are making a big deal of the lack of headphone jack, (but) it makes sense for Apple to remove for several reasons,” said Quinn Banks, Sr. Product Manager of Mobile for Farmers Insurance. “They’ve created waterproof devices … finally. It created more room to increase the battery size, chips options and new home button with Taptic Engine for haptic feedback. I like the idea they are willing to make a change and remove antiquated pieces of technology.”

But does that make the device a game changer?

“I don’t see any of these items impacting the BYOD or Enterprise world,” Banks said.

“It’s interesting to observe what happens when hardware changes and requires accessory changes,” said Ryan Martin, Senior Analyst with ABI Research about the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2. “[Enterprises] have to look [at the product] and ask, ‘when is the right time to invest in this?”

A major component to using mobile devices in the enterprise focuses on communication, Martin said. Because of that reason, the Apple Watch 2 is isn’t the right vehicle to deliver on those needs.

“The watch is glanceable, but not searchable,” he said. “Also, it occupies two hands to operate, which actually creates an adverse effect to productivity.”

So while Apple's biggest product news of the year set the tech industry ablaze for a week, it doesn't seem to be ready just yet for infiltration into the enterprise.

Do you believe the next generation iPhone and Apple Watch will make productivity in the enterprise more efficient? Let us know in the comments section below.