Secure BYOD Continues to Help Positively Transform Large Enterprises

One of the leading automotive parts manufacturers in Japan, Denso, has announced it is now using MobileIron to securely enable hundreds of employee-owned iOS devices.

As a leader in enterprise mobile security, MobileIron will help Denso stay on top of an increasingly competitive global market, by revolutionising how its employees access business-critical information and data each and every day.

"We realised that the ability to use email and check schedules from outside the company would be essential for the transition to a work style that places no limits on time or location. We wanted to use mobile devices to increase productivity so that we could be more competitive in overseas markets," said Masahide Kobayashi, General Manager of the IT Infrastructure Office at Denso.

Denso will leverage MobileIron's solutions to deliver secure email access to employees on their personally-owned iOS mobile devices.

"The determining factors in choosing MobileIron were its good implementation track record and dependable support," said Tetsuhiro Nakane, Assistant Manager of the Information Security Planning Section at Denso. "MobileIron provides not just MDM features, but also EMM architecture for supporting application containerisation and content management."

In addition to MDM, Denso will also use MobileIron Web@Work to provide a secure browser that will allow employees to collaborate securely outside of the office. If a device is lost or stolen, the Web@Work application and its data can be wiped remotely.

"We know that there will always be issues with any technology solution. Whenever a problem arises with our mobile implementation, MobileIron has provided immediate support and the latest updates to keep us informed. We have been very pleased with their service," said Yoichiro Tanba, Operations Manager at Denso.