Security Challenges Just A Speed Bump For BYOD-Focused Enterprise

Global tire manufacturer Michelin has a presence in 171 countries and more than 111,000 employees worldwide. Making any significant change on a large scale within the company is a massive undertaking.

That’s why Seth Pack, the company’s leader for global IT initiatives for mobility, will discuss the implementations and their challenges at Enterprise Mobility Exchange’s Mobile Cloud Computing & Security event in Miami on Oct. 11 to 12.

“Within my presentation I will explain how Michelin is using mobile technology to empower and enable its employees to do their jobs from the device of their choosing,” Pack said. “Through recent initiatives, we have delivered innovative and award-winning solutions which have propelled our employees in their day-to-day work, while ensuring comprehensive security.”

In North America, Michelin employs a bring-your-own-device model, Pack said.

“Attendees will hear a list of the security challenges we faced, how we overcame them without degrading the end user experience, and what security myths should no longer constrain many organizations,” Pack said.

Pack will be speaking alongside Michelin North America CISO Glenn Foster on the topic in October at the Enterprise Mobility Exchange’s Mobile Cloud Computing & Security in Miami.

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