Sitrion Launches Single, Secure Cloud-Based Environment to Mobilise Entire Workforces

Tuesday, Febraury 3, 2015.

Sitrion has announced today the release of its newest version of Sitrion ONE, an end-to-end solution for Enterprise Mobility that gives organisations a single, secure cloud-based environment to mobilise their entire workforce using a BYOD strategy.

This release brings out-of-the-box mobile use cases and enterprise application integrations that significantly accelerate the time from development to implementation, while still maintaining a low total cost of ownership.

It is now widely accepted that Enterprise Mobility positively transforms business processes. According to Gartner, Inc., app value is maximised when information is combined. Such combined information must be delivered in real-time, by contextually-relevant processes, in order to anticipate user and customer needs to increase productivity.

Interestingly, Sitrion’s approach to meet this vision has involved rethinking the concept of mobile applications, to give users a single solution that can deliver the following benefits and capabilities:

  • Out-of-the-box use cases (task and workflow approvals, CRM, human resources, and field services)
  • All use cases hosted in one native app, with a consistent user experience across all devices
  • Native iOS, Android, and Windows Phone app development, up to 90% faster compared to traditional approaches leveraging Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Pre-packaged integrations with SAP, Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, SQL,, and open protocols such as REST
  • Cloud hosting, eliminating the need for a separate mobile infrastructure
  • Secure and cost-efficient BYOD including single-sign-on
  • A cost-effective, SaaS, pay-as-you-go pricing model

"Traditionally, mobilising enterprise use cases has been a cumbersome and expensive experience, as companies usually have to deal with multiple solution vendors both from a technical and procurement perspective," said Markus Dopp, VP of Mobile Solutions at Sitrion. "Sitrion ONE offers so much ‘out of the box', that you can now roll out enterprise apps with up to 87% faster time to market, literally in days. ONE is a powerful approach for the company that wants to deliver dozens of use cases across the enterprise in one productivity stream."

"We selected Sitrion to help us meet our goals because they brought their depth of expertise with SAP and mobility, without the hefty price we were being quoted by other solution providers," explained Scott Braafhart, IT Director for Illinois Brick Company. "They not only delivered a solution for the long-term, but they also provided us with high quality mobile access, very quickly, to help us be highly competitive."

Speaking exclusively to the Enterprise Mobility Exchange about the solution, Brian Kellner, Chief Technology Officer at Sitrion said, "Mobility is all about focus and rapid evolution. Sitrion ONE delivers approvals, information updates and key productivity stories in consistent UX. If you add a time off tracking system, you can have new vacation request and approval capability on employee phones in days, and it will work like all their other productivity tools. And, if you need to update these apps, the changes are immediately on all users’ phones."

Kellner continued, "The impact [on employee productivity] happens at two levels. For individual users, it turns small moments of time into productive opportunities. Just open the app and any key updates or approvals can be handled with a tap. For companies, the ease and efficiency of development and deployment mean that it’s economical to mobile-enable many more use cases. If you had a custom, issue tracking solution built on SharePoint for example, you could have that on employee phones in a day.

Finally, when asked about the role Sitrion ONE can play within the wider context of the mobility landscape, Kellner added, "So far the enterprise mobility market mostly seems to look at each use case individually. So if someone wants to distribute corporate news, they think about writing a corporate news app or doing some sort of mobile html corporate news solution, but the reality is that many enterprise use cases fall into the categories of approvals, information updates, and quick lookups or data-entry.

"Sitrion ONE is optimised to solve these use cases quickly with a consistent user experience. Gartner has been predicting every large enterprise will have 1000 mobile use cases. There’s just no way it makes sense to build and maintain 1000 different apps when a large percentage of them will fall into one of our standard use cases. We see customers who have success with one mobile app quickly get requests for more apps from the rest of their internal stakeholders. Sitrion ONE is built to handle this rapid scaling up of adding new use cases."