BYOD, AI, Security Top January Enterprise Mobility News

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The New Year kicked off with readers consuming a variety of topics around enterprise mobility, including outlooks for the next 12 months and insight from those in the industry. Mobile security is, of course, always top of mind, and the BYOD vs. COPE conundrum continues to pose challenges. Take a look at January’s most-read pieces of content and click on each headline to read more.

Is BYO Done? COPE Finds A Way In Enterprise Mobility
Enterprise mobility and its many facets is as wide-spreading as any workplace technology process in use, and when you peel back the layers of security, cloud, apps, artificial intelligence and the like, all companies have one major question that must first be addressed prior to hitting the road on the mobile transformation journey: BYOD or COPE?

Where Is Enterprise Mobility Headed In 2018?
To understand the future, enterprises must analyze best practices, and nowhere is that more poignant than in information technology. A field of end-users and practitioners were surveyed about their 2018 priorities and needs, along with potential spending patterns, with the data compiled into this market report. Find out more here. 

Enterprise Mobility Insight: Q&A With TechOrchard’s CEO
What’s the 2018 enterprise mobility landscape look like, and how should IT administrators be gearing up for another year of constant change? Enterprise Mobility Exchange sat down with TechOrchard CEO Phil Poje to discuss those matters and more to get a holistic view of the biggest challenges facing businesses today.

Chatbots: AI’s First True Use Case For Enterprise Mobility
Digital assistants have been available on our mobile devices – specifically smartphones and smartwatches with voice commands – and have slowly changed the way end users consume information or accomplish tasks. Artificial intelligence is nothing new, of course, but how can it be harnessed in enterprise mobility?

Mobile Threat Defense Now A Necessity For Enterprises
Mobile Threat Defense, and more importantly, MTD as a service, could very likely become the most important and quickest growing enterprise mobility add-on function in 2018. And it’s for good reason, as malware and ransomware continues to reach historic highs year over year. 

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