Dashlane Releases Enterprise Password Management Tool for Mobile Devices

Esther Shein

Password manager company Dashlane has released its Spaces for mobile app to give enterprise employees the ability to securely switch between their business and personal passwords on mobile devices. 

The Dashlane Business app is designed to help IT departments manage the growing trend of employees bringing consumer devices and software to work. This is empowering employees to “circumvent your IT department, leaving your business at risk for a massive data breach,’’ the company explained in a blog post. It also maintained that over 70 percent of mobile professionals will conduct business from their personal smart devices by 2018.

From a centralized admin console, IT can remotely deploy software, onboard new users, assign credentials, revoke corporate access, sync changes and track usage, among other features.  

Employees can store IDs, corporate and personal credit cards, secure notes and other data, organized by space, and move items from one space to another. A recent study found that one in three employees are not securely sharing access to work and personal accounts, and 65 percent of employees use only one password to protect all of their accounts.

"Password management blurs the line between home and work. If an employee practices safe password habits at home, that same mindset will carry over into his or her workplace," said Emmanuel Schalit, Dashlane CEO, in a statement. "The majority of notable breaches stem from password hacks, so it's critical that companies educate their employees on how to manage their passwords and provide them with tools such as Dashlane that make secure password management simple and effective."

The app uses the FIDO Alliance’s U2F authentication technology, a “forward-looking take on multi-factor authentication,” according to the company.

The Dashlane Business app starts at $2/month per use and is available for a 30-day free trial for up to 30 users by signing up on its website.