Driving Growth Through Mobile Technologies

Simon Barton

On Monday 23 April Enterprise Mobility Exchange will be heading to Amsterdam. The Exchange already has a number of exciting speakers confirmed – including representatives from Philips, Ryanair and Saxo Bank – and we’re happy to announce that Jean-Marc Zimmermann, CIO, Babolat, will be joining them.

In his keynote presentation he will be discussing how companies can drive growth through mobile technologies and strategies. Babolat was one of the first tennis equipment manufacturers to produce a connected racquet, which, through mobile data collection, allowed users to scrutinise every aspect of their game.

Zimmermann was involved in the project, and has seen it come to life in the hands of Rafael Nadal, one of the sport’s leading ambassadors and competitors. It gives both amateurs and professionals the chance to use analytics to determine how they are striking the ball and what strategies might be suited to a particular opponent.

Balolat is a great example of a company that’s used mobile technology to add another layer to its product offering. And Zimmerman’s keynote will discuss this innovative approach to mobile and how his company’s mobile strategy can be adapted to suit other companies operating in different industries.

Jean-Marc Zimmermann is currently the Chief Information Officer at Babolat and is in charge of the overall information systems at the company. One of his main responsibilities is aligning Babolat’s ERP system with the company’s business needs. He has also worked at Atari and Fiducial.

The Exchange’s speakers will bring together decades of experience, giving attendees the opportunity to learn about some of the most important challenges facing enterprise mobility and how companies can implement drive growth through mobile.