Managing, Controlling and Securing Mobile Data

Mike McEnaney

Inkscreen has announced the latest version of CAPTOR™, a new solution that provides IT with a new flexible deployment and data policy enforcement offering for complete control over the capture, security and governance of sensitive business content. 

With CAPTOR, mobile users can securely capture and share their business content - pictures, videos audio recordings, and scanned documents - with other apps, other users, or even back them up to a secure corporate database for secure archiving and ongoing enterprise content management. CAPTOR is the first secure mobile data capture technology for enterprise data to give organizations the option to safely govern their mobile data while efficiently managing their mobile content environment, even when there is no enterprise mobility management (EMM) technology deployed.

"Mobile communication and collaboration is accelerating and improving enterprise productivity and growth like no other universal technology since the dawn of the Web 25 years ago" said Josh Bohls, Founder, Inkscreen. "Ask any IT manager, compliance officer or C-level executive what keeps them up at night, and loss of market confidence, competitiveness and compliance resulting from a mobile data breach is near the top of the list. Various products have picked piecemeal at the breadth of mobile security problems, but CAPTOR will close the gaping security holes that mobile content creates."

CAPTOR delivers enterprise mobility management capabilities that lets organizations invoke policies to define and control mobile content capture, sharing and usage, thereby preventing the unauthorized access and storage of sensitive business content while restricting other activities that could adversely impact the organization's regulatory compliance across a broad range of industries and sectors.

Inkscreen explains that CAPTOR is the first solution to seamlessly secure mobile content throughout its entire lifecycle: capture, storage, collaboration, exchange, management and governance. CAPTOR also meets the requirements imposed by nearly any enterprise infrastructure and mobility strategy found in organizations of all industries and size. It operates as a stand-alone solution for organizations without an enterprise mobility management (EMM) system in place, with native configurations and security extensions in line with AppConfig Community standards for VMware AirWatch and IBM MaaS360 environments, and with integrated SDK's from MobileIron and Good Technology/Blackberry.

CAPTOR's advanced mobile content security and governance capabilities help organizations in highly-regulated industries such as healthcare, manufacturing and construction assure compliance with complex regulatory guidelines with features including secure capture, encrypted storage, secure content exchange, digital watermarks, end user captioning, and automated collection of metadata. CAPTOR also provides unique protections for organizations governed by evolving regional security and privacy regulations, such as those potentially affected by the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR).

The company adds that CAPTOR is an ideal solution for BYOD workplace scenarios: all pictures, videos, document scans, and audio recordings are captured in CAPTOR's secure client-side container app, enabling the organization to fully control and audit sharing, edits, deletions, and privilege changes such as when an employee departs the company or loses their device -- all without affecting the device owner's personal content.