Delivering on the Promise of a Digital Business

This video presentation, given by Sam Phillips, Chief Information Security Officer and Gregg Ostrowski, VP of Global Enterprise Services of Samsung Telecommunications America examines challenges for enterprises such as managing multi-device and multi-OS environments, and deploying the right applications when delivering on the promise of a digital business.

After revealing that 2014 was the first year in which mobile devices outsold fixed-base platforms, Sam and Gregg proceed to discuss the significance of figures which show that 85% of companies will now support some version of BYOD, and 70% are planning to look at smartphones for their employees.

This presentation points out that a key challenge of mobility is ensuring the organisation understands, from a business perspective, what it will gain from mobility in relation to investments made, and also highlights the dangers of underestimating what is required to adequately bolster enterprise mobile security measures.

Speaking at the Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Las Vegas, Sam and Gregg also focused on how user experience is more important now than ever before to delivering on the promise of a digital business.

Users have become so accustomed to going to an app store and getting a pleasing app, that building applications in the enterprise space must now also take into account the importance of user experience, otherwise users will find ways around them, and this will put corporate data security at an even greater risk.