BYOD 2.0: The Next Generation Of Mobile Security

The Importance Of Containerization

Steven Lerner

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An abundance of cyber security hazards threaten the enterprise, with mobile devices serving as one of the most difficult access points to protect. There are several reasons why mobile devices are incredibly vulnerable, including the resurgence in bring your own device (BYOD) policies. More employees are using their personal devices in the enterprise, with outdated solutions falling short of sufficiently protecting sensitive corporate data on these devices.

The growing number of very stringent personal privacy regulations is making the current landscape of security and monitoring tools invalid. Employee naivety and negligence only compounds the problem where supplying a corporate issued device offers little to no additional security benefits.

To overcome these issues, enterprises are developing a BYOD 2.0 mindset that enables employees to access the information and applications they need, while ensuring that the corporate data, not just the device, is protected and encrypted in all facets of usage. These organizations are embracing several new solutions, including containerization.

“Containerization is a great way to minimize the impact of malware,” said Mike Feibus, principal analyst with Feibus Tech. “We all do our best to prevent attacks. However, the reality is that hackers are doing their best as well, and they often succeed in gaining access. Containerization is basically an acknowledgement that sometimes, the bad guys win. However, all they win is access to a virtual machine that goes poof once the session is complete, then it’s not much of a victory.”

Download this report today to learn:

  • How to isolate corporate and sensitive data from the vulnerabilities that come with employee negligence and inattentiveness
  • Why leveraging data encryption is a simple, and highly effective approach to device security that offers significant bottom line savings
  • The importance of containerization to offer employees separate personal and corporate environments on the same device – whether corporate or personally owned.