‘Don’t Worry, Be Cloudy’: Day 2 Of The Mobile Cloud Computing & Security Exchange

Contributor: Jason Koestenblatt
Posted: 10/13/2016
Arturo Garcia Hernandez

What happens when you bring together a roomful of C-level IT executives from a multitude of industries to talk mobile cloud computing and security? Two days of networking and insight sharing that benefits everyone involved.

Such was the case in Miami on October 11 and 12, as dozens of industry leaders tasked with securing their enterprises’ mobile fleet attended the Mobile Cloud Computing and Security event hosted by Enterprise Mobility Exchange.

See a recap of day one of the exchange here, and learn about the FBI’s Nick Savage and how he handles cybersecurity for the federal agency.

On day two of the event, the day kicked off with speaker Shawn Wiora, CIO and CISO of Creative Solutions In Healthcare, who explained his company’s transformation from an on-premises, legacy system to 100-percent in the cloud. Wiora explained the culture change that took place in the organization, how the cloud move created massive ROI, and no IT staff members were lost as cloud efficiencies were realized.

Wiora’s impassioned speaking engagement was followed by Brian Heemsoth of Aetna, who described the obstacles and successes associated with deploying a mobile device management system to thousands of BYOD and corporately-owned devices for his healthcare company.

Both Wiora and Heemsoth, dealing in the healthcare industry, were faced with major regulations and compliance issues before completing their IT initiatives.

Aetna’s deploy was massive, and Heemsoth had the numbers to prove it. The new MDM impacts more than 8,500 users across 9,200 devices. Further, some 3.3 million apps have been scanned and tested since the MDM was initiated.

Off the stage, Eric Klein, an analyst with VDC Research, lead a Think Tank session where attendees spent 30 minutes sharing ideas, tactics, and brainstorming potential solutions while helping one another with troubleshooting capabilities.

To end the day, Arturo Garcia Hernandez, CIO for Bank of Mexico, the country’s central financial institution, explained the benefits of security in the cloud. “Cloud computing is fundamental to encourage a needed revolution in internet security. Remember, don’t worry, be cloudy,” Garcia Hernandez told the audience.

As was noted during the two-day event in Miami, enterprises are faced with major decisions when it comes to security and data, and what to do with both. Has your enterprise considered a hybrid approach to cloud services? Enterprise Mobility Exchange will be hosting a webinar in November addressing the topic and what the benefits are to your enterprise as it transforms digitally. Learn more about the event here

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Jason Koestenblatt
Contributor: Jason Koestenblatt

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