Adobe Document Cloud Looks to Solve Document Disconnect in the Enterprise

Adobe today announced plans to change the way the world works with documents, announcing a new Adobe Document Cloud, which is set to build on the success of the Creative and Marketing Clouds.

The Adobe Document Cloud involves a set of integrated services that use a consistent online profile and personal document hub, allowing users to create, review, approve, sign and track documents whether on a desktop or mobile device.

Powering this solution will be the new Adobe Acrobat DC, which will look to take e-signatures mainstream by delivering free e-signing as part of the integrated technology. Acrobat DC, with a touch-enabled user interface, will be available via subscription and also through one-time purchase.

The Adobe Document Cloud will address the connotations of waste and inefficiency associated with existing document processes worldwide, citing use cases related to school permission slips, health insurance forms or complex enterprise document workflows as areas for imminent improvement.

The release follows a study conducted by Adobe which exposed how outdated business processes and ways of working with documents are having a dramatic impact on productivity, efficiency and worker satisfaction. The findings revealed that 83% of workers feel their success and ability to be productive at work are slowed down by outdated ways of working with documents, and 61% said they would consider changing jobs solely for the sake of dramatically less paperwork.

"It's a problem that businesses can no longer afford to ignore," said Paul Robson, President, Adobe, Asia Pacific. "Lost information and documents was another frustration, with 70% of workers who lost information saying hard drive failures had consumed vital work. At the same time, while relatively few documents are currently stored in the cloud, 65% of people agreed it was important to have access to vital information at work from anywhere."

A recent survey by IDC was concurrent with these notions, determining that disconnected document processes are pervasive and negatively impact all areas of business. More than 80% of document work is still not digital, with documents often making one or more transitions into and out of paper, especially when signatures are involved. In relation to this, workers are reportedly spending more than one-third of their time on administrative processes instead of core work.

Document Cloud for the enterprise will help this disconnect by providing departments and entire organisations with services, including enterprise-class e-sign services, which offer speed and efficiency to business document workflows, both inside and outside the organisation.

Document Cloud for the enterprise will provide solutions for industries such as healthcare and insurance, financial services, media and entertainment, government, and education.

According to the IDC survey, business leaders have estimated that the potential benefits of addressing 'document disconnect' would increase revenue by 36%, reduce costs by 30% while reducing compliance risks by 23%. These are significant improvements which any organisation should be looking to take advantage of where possible, suggesting the Adobe Document Cloud could have an extremely positive impact on the enterprise ecosystem.