AR, Fleet Management Hit The Cloud For Field Service Enhancements

Looking to enhance worker productivity and customer service efficacy, one field management software company has enlisted the technology of augmented reality and fleet management services for real-time communication and strengthening products.

ClickSoftware has partnered with two technology companies that will expand its cloud-based platform, Service Edge, by helping customers prioritize fleet safety at the individual vehicle level that will track more than 150 safety, geographic, and behavioral factors with analysis and reporting in real time.

Those capabilities come in the form of a partnership with GreenRoad. ClickSoftware has also partnered with Fieldbit, whose augmented reality will help engineers support field technicians with real-time collaboration without the need to travel. The AR mechanism is hands-free and will allow field workers to restore equipment uptime faster through live video streaming, smart glasses, and superimposed graphic and video annotations in real-time as they collaborate with service center workers.

ClickSoftware says listening to customers spurred the business move.

“Our close relationships with customers helped us identify the most powerful ways to extend the definition of field service,” CEO Tom Heiser said in a statement.

GreenRoad’s role will be to help improve driver safety, increase operational efficiencies, and maintain corporate and regulatory compliance while reducing risk. GreenRoad’s technology engages drivers in-vehicle to help manage fleets.

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