Business Transformation is the Focus of Unique New Enterprise Mobility Solution

MessageOps, a Microsoft Cloud business unit of Champion Solutions Group, has this week announced a new practice which will focus on Enterprise Mobility.

This innovative new offering will allow companies to transform their operating models, business functions and processes, through advanced mobile strategies and practical solutions for information sharing that deliver genuine value.

The emphasis of MessageOps Mobility will not be on the technology, but rather the way in which mobility transforms the functionality of companies.

When beginning with MessageOps Mobility, a company will undergo workshop and assessment sessions to evaluate its own individual needs, and identify opportunities to mobilise processes. MessageOps Mobility will then provide customised programmes centred on mobile-enabled selling, servicing and client support operations.

This transformative process will provide the organisation's employees with flexibility and usability, without compromising the needs of IT to ensure security and practicality.

Upon completion of these workshops, MessageOps will then implement a phased roll-out of application development for iPhone, Android, and Windows, followed by the mobile device, application management, and security and governance phase. Finally, it will assist with adoption and training programmes, to ensure that business units are consuming and adopting the solution to deliver ROI.

"Our MessageOps Mobility unit is solely focused on assisting our clients in achieving their mobile goals," said Chris Pyle, MessageOps President and CEO. "As enterprises adapt to the changing needs of their employees, clients, and supply chain to ensure that they are all capable of working from anywhere and on any device, it's important that the company information being shared on these devices is always secure. That's where MessageOps Mobility seamlessly delivers."

When a company's secure mobility solutions are customised and both its IT and business needs have been met, MessageOps Mobility will initiate full deployment and management of the company's Enterprise Mobility Suite. By leveraging its expert knowledge of mobility, MessageOps will help its clients reach their mobile vision of accessing any information from anywhere from any device securely.