Cloud Computing 2019: Initiatives And Challenges

The Current State Of The Cloud

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Steven Lerner

In 2019, organizations are poised to prioritize cloud computing projects, as identified by users in Enterprise Mobility Exchange’s 2019 annual survey report on digital transformation. This solution is changing the way that enterprises embrace new technologies.

Enterprise Mobility Exchange surveyed its audience of IT leaders at the end of 2018 about the current state of the industry, major hurdles, and initiatives for 2019. The survey results were coupled with analysis from industry leading experts within the annual report. Based on the answers from senior IT professionals, it is clear that this solution will play an important role this year.

By the end of 2018, 80% of organizations have already migrated to the cloud, making it one of the most adopted technologies in the enterprise. Despite the wide acceptance of this technology, there are currently several different cloud environments that are being employed throughout the industry:

  • A private cloud solution, which is commonly used by a single organization, is being leveraged by 18% of companies. In fact, the global private cloud market is expected to reach $262 billion by 2027.
  • A public cloud solution, which is shared between different organizations, is being leveraged by 24% of companies. Public cloud spending is expected to reach $277 billion by 2021.
  • A hybrid cloud solution, which is a combination of both a public and private cloud, is currently being leveraged by 37% of companies.

2019 Cloud Computing Investments

IT departments are likely to spend more resources in 2019, especially with cloud computing.

“The problem facing IT isn’t shrinking budgets in general, but the fact that budgets are increasing or staying the same, said Edwin Yuen, senior analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group. “That fundamentally changes the expectations upon IT, as money is no longer an excuse for not meeting customer requirements. I expect to see investments starting in security, but cloud and mobility will still be high priorities.”

In the survey, respondents were asked to identify which solutions their enterprises will most likely invest in during 2019. Over 60% of users said that they plan on investing in cloud solutions this year, which was tied with mobility as the second most popular choice. Artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning was the top investment choice of 71% of respondents. In fact, cloud computing was also considered to be one of the leading components of digital transformation that IT leaders are most interested in.

2019 Cloud Computing Initiatives

There are many digital transformation initiatives that enterprises are focused on in 2019. In one survey, 19% of users said that migrating to the cloud was their top initiative. This was the second most popular response behind enhancing cyber security, which was at 25%.

Data analytics is one of the leading forces behind digital transformation, and there are many solutions that can be utilized to gain insights into data. Over 40% of enterprises today are using cloud computing for data purposes, which was the second most popular solution behind AI/machine learning.

2019 Cloud Computing Challenges

As we head into a new year, enterprises don’t want to make the same digital transformation mistakes again. Last year, there were many IT leaders who missed out on new opportunities and deeply regret it.

“Insufficient security to trust moving financials to the cloud and lack of good 'plan b' in the event of cloud failure,” one IT project owner in a trade association listed as a regret in the annual report.

Although cloud computing is a popular aspect of digital transformation in 2019, it does come with its challenges. In the survey, 47% of IT leaders identified security and privacy as the biggest challenges. Another 31% said that rising costs was another hardship that obstructed progress. Additionally, 14% said that losing control of data is a grueling challenge.

Want To Learn More About Digital Transformation In 2019?

In addition to the cloud, there are many other technological solutions that are bound to change in 2019. Read about more about the top enterprise technology investments and biggest challenges in Enterprise Mobility Exchange’s annual survey report on digital transformation.