Cloud Data Traffic Could Quadruple In Next 4 Years

More and more enterprises are heading to the cloud for their data storage, and the market’s importance has been revealed in a new growth forecast.

In its sixth annual Global Cloud Index surveying the years 2015 to 2020, Cisco forecasts a nearly quadrupling of cloud traffic by the end of the decade. In 2015, the study said, cloud traffic was 3.9 zettabytes (one trillion gigabytes) for the entire year. That figure is projected reach 14.1 zettabytes by 2020.

According to the study, business workloads will take up some 72% of that total, with consumer workloads making up the remaining 28%. But possibly the most telling statistic is the amount of workloads that will be processed in the cloud: 92% in 2020, with just 8% being processed by traditional data centers. Total growth is still not done, however, as Cisco reports some 5.3 zettabytes of data will be stored on devices in 2020 and not in the cloud.

Cloud computing has gone from IT consideration to near-must in the enterprise, as data storage grows and keeping up with on-premise legacy hardware systems becomes problematic.

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